Snus Sweden

Snus, being an innovation of Sweden, is best found there. Swedish snus is considered to be of the highest quality available.


Snus Sweden

Snus, being an innovation of Sweden, is best found there. Swedish snus is considered to be of the highest quality available. It is highly in demand and is very easily available too. There are well known brands that are snus Sweden specific and provide the best snus to the world. If you chance to check online, most online stores will claim to provide the best that means snus Sweden made. The difference between American-sold oral tobacco and Sweden made snus is simple. The American variety is fermented before sold and used, whereas in the case of the Swedish snus, the preparation does not include fermentation. The fresher the snus, the better the variety.

Snus is sold mainly in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It is also been tested in the South African and the United States market for acceptability. It is not that snus is unavailable in other areas. Snus can be easily traced visited by Scandinavian tourists. Places include Murmansk in Russia and are sold in small tins. Snus tins earlier used to be made of gold and silver. And sometimes wood and porcelain too. But now you can buy snus in plastic containers and paper tins. Loose snus is mostly sold in compressed paper tins with plastic lids, at 45g, whereas portioned snus usually comes in plastic tins of 24g.

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Two main types of snus

The specialty of snus Sweden made is that they use air-dried tobacco procured from all over the world. Choosing the best of the tobaccos from various parts of the world, the ground tobacco is mixed with water, sodium carbonate, salt, and aroma. The snus is finally prepared by heating the mixture. It is generally made with the use of steam. Moist Swedish snus contains a lot of water in it. It accounts to nearly 50% of its composition. Studies have shown that on an average, the use of snus in Sweden is nearly 800 grams, which is around 16 units per person every year. 12% of the population in Sweden uses snus, which are 1.1 million people in Sweden.

There are two main types of snus available on the market. One is the original snus or loose variety and the other is portioned snus. Where the former comes in the form of a moist powder, the latter is available in the form of tea bags. Though portioned snus comes in smaller quantities it is considered easier to handle than the loose powder.

Portioned snus is usually sold in three different variants. They are namely mini, normal and large (or maxi). The weights may vary from place to place but standard Swedish snus is available in three fixed weights. Mini portions usually weigh around 0.5g, with 20 pieces per tin, Standard portions weigh around 1g, with 24 portions per tin, and maxi portions weigh around 1.7g, with 17 pieces per tin.

Swedish snus

It was after the ban in indoor smoking by the Norwegian government in June 2004 that the sale of Swedish snus has gone up. The total production of Swedish snus mainly in the Scandinavian market has been in excess of 300 million units per year. Various new variants have been put into the market now and the sales are steadily going up. With a world demand for Swedish snus, the sales have been pretty good. It was when the Swedish government banned indoor smoking too in June 2005 that the sale of Swedish snus increased dramatically.

The laws, rules and regulation for buying and selling snus is kind of identical to that concerning other tobacco-based products such as cigarettes. There is a definite age bar and tax process. There are even restrictions to the shipments. It is because of this that online Sweden snus stores are unable to provide snus anywhere and everywhere in the world. Since the Swedish government has studied snus for years now, they believe that it does not have much ill effect to health. It is a lot less harmful than smoking and thus saves the lungs. The only health concern about Sweden snus is the quantity of nicotine it has. Though not proved to cause health hazards, it is still a cause of concern for many.

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